4 Reasons Why I Live With Less

4 Reasons Why I Live With Less

Ever since I was young I have wanted to live with less things.  When I was around 12 years old I went around my entire bedroom and did a major declutter.  I was ruthless.  I have since kept up that decluttering mindset in to my adulthood.  My main goal for my home is to keep it clutter free.

I just love the feeling of a clutter-free space.  It makes me happy, less anxious, and have a clear mind.  When there is too many things around me I have a hard time concentrating on things I should be doing.  It makes me less productive. This is not a good thing when you have important things to get done, which would be blogging for me!

Here are my top reasons why I live with less.

Less to Clean

Although I love to clean, I definitely do not love cleaning when there is so much clutter around.  I find I enjoy cleaning a lot more when I have less around me.  It makes it quicker and more efficient when not having to move or shuffle things around to get my cleaning done.  Quick and simple is more like it when it comes to cleaning.

More Time to Relax

This goes along with cleaning being quick and efficient.  I have come to realize that the less I have in my home, the more time I have to relax.  Why?  Because I have less to clean. I am definitely okay with having less if it means I have more time to relax and spend that extra time with my family.  This equals a happier momma and wife. 🙂

Less to Organize

Do you get frustrated with trying to find places for your stuff or the perfect basket to organize it all?  I certainly have.  Living with less eliminates this stress.  Don’t get me wrong, I love organizing.  I just want to organize what I absolutely need and what is essential.

More Money Saved

Who doesn’t like to save money.  When you live with less then you are obviously spending less money.  Which means more money in your pocket.  It makes you not want to spend money on things because you’re reaping the benefits of having more money.  It makes you feel more secure financially because you know there is money if you absolutely need it in an emergency. That’s a great feeling to have!

Final Thought …

I do spend money, I just do it more intentionally.  I still buy certain home decor to make my home look pretty and feel welcoming.  I still buy beauty products if I have a specific need for them.  I still buy kitchen items that are needed.  What I don’t do is buy home decor hoping I might have a spot for it.  I don’t buy beauty products just because I think I could use them but end up not liking them.  I don’t buy kitchen items for those same reasons.

If I have something that is good enough for me at the moment, then I just use what I already have.  And I don’t keep duplicates.  Why would I need 2 different body scrubs.  They do the same job.  I only need one to get the job done.  And if I want a new set of curtains for the living room, I make sure I donate or sell the old ones (the one in and one out rule).

I hope you have found these helpful to you in some way!


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