5 Places in Your Home to Declutter


5 Places in Your Home to Declutter on a Regular Basis

I love to declutter my home. I am always finding places to clear things out that I no longer love or no longer use anymore.

I actually find I will declutter the same few places quite often actually.

Today, I will be sharing with you 5 places that I feel need a regular declutter to keep the chaos at bay.


The spice rack is a great spot to clear out. Have you ever wanted to try a recipe that calls for spices that you don’t normally use but end up buying to try the recipe? Yup, me too.

Eventually these spices get pushed to the back of the cupboard and never used again. And then they expire. Who wants to use expired spices. Not me. Throw them out.

Medicine Cabinet

I feel this is a very important area to declutter.

Plain and simple … toss out expired medicine. Don’t use it!

Kids Clothes

Our kids grow up so dang quick. I feel like I have to constantly declutter and donate my son’s clothes.

I like to go though my son’s clothes every season. That may seem like a bit much but I like to keep on top of it. Nothing more embarrassing as a mom than letting your kids leave the house with clothes on that look too small.

Junk Drawer

Oh the lovely junk drawer. To be honest, I don’t have one anymore. It was a drag to keep up. But for those of you who do have one, I recommend doing an overhaul maybe every 3-6 months. That way it’s not getting out of control with all the random things that manage to end up there.

Food Storage Containers

Yes, this is another great place to declutter regularly. So many times the covers to the containers end up lost or get cracked and damaged. It’s also very easy to lose lids when you have an abundance of storage containers. Only have containers that you know you will use on a regular basis and donate or toss the rest.

Decluttered home, happy home!

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