6 Ways to a Cozy Minimalist Home

 6 Ways to a Cozy Minimalist Home

Have you ever wanted to switch to minimalist living but felt like it would feel to stark and boring.

Well, it doesn’t have to be.

There are quite a few ways you can cozy up a minimalist home and it not feel boring.


Curtains are always a great way to add warmth and a cozy appeal to a room. I love curtains! Especially the floor-to-ceiling kind. Not only do they add warmth to your home, but they also make the ceilings feel taller.


As much as I do love hardwood floors, carpeting is always a favorite of mine. Yes, you can put down an area rug but there is just something about carpeting that really warms up a room. Plus, there is no echo.

Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are always a good choice on those chilly fall and winter nights. Just keep a basket by the couch full of blankets or drape on over the end of the couch.

Throw Pillows

Dress up your couch with some decorative or plain comfy pillows. Get some that have an accent color to add a little color to your minimalist living room. Get a couple that are decorative and a couple that can be used for taking a nap. Nothing worse than taking a nap on uncomfortable decorative pillows.

Family Pictures

Family photos on the wall is enough for me to feel like my home is cozy. They are also very welcoming to people who visit. It adds that personal touch to a minimalist home so it takes away from it feeling stark and boring. Personal pictures always give the feeling of warmth a welcoming home.


Lastly, a candle or two is a great way to warm up a room. Just having that flame from a candle makes it feel like you are running a very miniature fireplace. When a room feels cold to me, I always light a candle. I don’t know what it is about a candles flame but it instantly makes a room feel warm.

Final note, minimalism has a different meaning to everyone. There is really no right or wrong way to be a minimalist. Unless your home looks like it could be on an episode of hoarders, of course.

Some minimalists probably prefer nothing on the walls because that is what minimalism means to them. and that’s okay. Maybe some don’t like pillows on their couch because it feels to cluttered to them. That’s okay, too!

Find your own journey to minimalism and what feels right to you.

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