5 Easy Five Ingredient Recipes for Supper


I have always been one that never was really in to cooking as a hobby. After a week of having to cook big meals that require lots of ingredients and an hour to finish, I am ready for a 2-week hiatus from the kitchen. But if you give me a bunch of recipes that have 5 ingredients or less and are easy to throw together, I will gladly cook every day for a month.

I decided to roundup five recipes that have only 5 ingredients to make those busy nights a little easier when you need to get food on the table.

5-Ingredient Turkey Swiss Sliders

These look absolutely delicious. What’s not to love about this recipe. You basically just put together a sandwich, drizzle the sliders with a sauce, and pop them in the oven and serve with a veggie on the side. Easy peasy!

5-Ingredient Chili

This is a great recipe for a cold fall or winter night. I would have to say that chili is my favorite meal during the cold months! The best part about making chili is it’s great as leftovers. The next day for supper just bake some potatoes and serve the chili over the potatoes with some shredded cheese on top. Now you have chili cheese baked potatoes!

5-Ingredient Italian Pasta Salad

Do you love pasta? I love pasta! You can’t go wrong with a simple pasta dish. This would be great as a side or even as the main dish. You have your pasta, your meat, and some veggies. Make it ahead of time, warm up some breadsticks and marinara sauce and you have a complete meal that took you no time at all to put together.

Easy Crock Pot Chicken Taco Bowls

What’s easier than a 5-ingredient meal? A 5-ingredient meal you can cook in the crockpot, of course! The other great thing about this recipe is that you can make it with staple ingredients that you would normally always have on hand. This looks so delicious!

One Bowl 5-Ingredient Brownies

Now, this recipe isn’t a meal for supper but it would make a great dessert for after your meal. I’m a chocoholic, so this is right up my alley. Add a scoop of ice cream and you have yourself a scrumptious dessert.

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