9 Areas for Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

Have you ever wondered what you needed to add to your spring cleaning checklist? Well, I have done the work for you and came up with a list of 9 areas that you can add to your spring cleaning checklist. Click through now to see these areas that you should be cleaning.It feels like spring is getting closer and that means it is time to make a spring cleaning checklist. My favorite time of the year.

Are you the type of person that has a love/hate relationship with cleaning? I can totally relate. I love the feeling of a freshly cleaned home, but I hate when it feels like it’s a never ending cycle of cleaning and feeling like you missed something. Then you find very important areas of your home were neglected for quite a long time.

Maybe behind the fridge? Yep, it has happened to me. When we pulled the fridge out to FINALLY clean behind it, it was dreadful. Gobs of cat hair, food crumbs … must we go on? How does that stuff even get back there?

You have the things you might clean on a daily or even a weekly basis but do a lot of people ever really consider spring as a great time to do some major deep cleaning? Probably not.

There are quite a few things that do get overlooked in your home or other places that could use a good deep clean.

Below is a list of things that should get a good deep clean every spring.

9 Important Areas that Should Be on Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

Clean behind the Fridge and Oven

Not only should you be cleaning the inside of these appliances regularly, you should also be cleaning behind them. This is one area that I know a lot of people overlook. It’s amazing how dirty it can get behind these appliances, especially if you have pets. Which means it’s even more crucial to get in there and deep clean these areas.

Simply vacuum up the crumbs, etc. and scrub the area down with a simple solution of warm soapy water. Don’t forget the trim and walls.

Your Mattress

You’re probably thinking, why would I have to clean my mattress, all I do is sleep on it. Well, you sweat while you sleep, you secrete oil, and you lose dead skin cells. On top of all that, there is also dust mites. Ick! Just thinking about all of that nastiness on top of your mattress how could you not want to clean it.

The Dryer Ducts

Of this whole list this is the most important one. Please clean your dryer ducts. You wouldn’t believe the lint and gunk that builds up in there. Not only is it disgusting but it’s a fire hazard! If you don’t know how to clean them yourselves then call a cleaning company that has this service.

The Garage

This isn’t in your home but it’s related to your home and should get just as much attention as your home gets. This should get a good cleaning and decluttering every spring. And give the floor of the garage a good cleaning. This area is meant for your car, not your clutter and junk. I know this one too well.

Under the Beds

This is definitely a catch all area for most people. Whether they are storing things here or if you have kids that just stuff things under their bed and say their room is clean. I’m sure some parents can relate to that. I myself don’t put things under my bed, but I did have cats at one time and they loved laying under the bed, which means a lot of cat hair build up on the carpet. I feel like this is another area people overlook.

Your Pillows

Yes, your pillows need to be cleaned. Same as with your mattress there is dead skin cells, sweat, oil, and dust mites that live in the pillows and should be cleaned yearly or even every 6 months. Either throw them in the washer or just replace them.

The Carpets

Do you walk on your carpets with your shoes on? Then you might want to give your carpets a good cleaning every spring. There are so many germs on the bottom of your shoes from all of the places you have walked and then you track that all over your carpet. If you have little ones crawling around you don’t want them picking up anything grime and germs that you tracked in.

The Closets

Since this is a place that we just throw things and shut the door, it can easily be a place we don’t think about cleaning. Just because the door is closed all the time doesn’t mean it should get the same cleaning attention as any other room in your home. Besides, since a lot of things get stored in closets they can cluttered pretty quickly and need a good decluttering and vacuuming.

Your Vehicle

Let’s not forget about our vehicles. We pay a good amount of money for them and we should take the best care of them. You might vacuum and wipe the inside out weekly or monthly, which is good. But honestly, sometimes just wiping it down and vacuuming isn’t going to do the job if there is heavy buildup of crumbs from eating in the car and dirt that accumulates. And then there are just those hard to reach areas that we just can’t get to. That’s where bringing your car to a detailing company comes in. I feel like it’s worth bringing your car in once a year for a good deep cleaning.

Do you have any ideas that would be good to add to this list? Leave it in the comments below!

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